Monday, February 23, 2015

Dine & Dash by Abigail Roux

TITLE: Dine & Dash
By: Abigail Roux 
My Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥
Read: 2/23/15
Series: Book 5.5 of Cut & Run Series

Book Description:
A Ty and Zane ficlet. Takes place between Armed & Dangerous and Stars & Stripes.

Absofreakinlutely loved it!

For being like 10 pages long, it packs a very exciting punch.  It is exactly what I needed to hold me over till I get to read the next book, so what if I read it almost half a dozen times.  The short read is just about them and some really hot sex.  No bad guys allowed!

The author mentions in her review on Goodreads, it is “a short, smutty interlude” which it was and it was Oh So Satisfying!  

The Short Story can be found at: Dine & Dash by Abigail Roux

Love DaydreamFavorite Quotes:

“It’s okay. The smell of undercover Ty turns me on.”

Ty rolled to his back and flopped, boneless, trying to catch his breath. Zane wasn’t in any shape to do differently, but he did grope around to find Ty’s hand and lace their fingers together. They lay there for a few minutes, enjoying just being in the same room again.
“Yeah,” Ty grunted finally. He squeezed Zane’s hand, then sat up. “Okay, I have to go.”
“Is that what they call a dine and dash?” Zane asked, grinning.
“Uncalled-for pun penalty,” Ty muttered, though Zane could hear the smile in his voice.