Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Baby I'm Yours by Catherine Mann

TITLE: Baby I’m Yours
By: Catherine Mann
My Rating: ♥♥♥
Read: 6/2/14
Series: Book 1 of the Beachcombers Series

Book Description:
Three months after a whirlwind affair, Claire McDermott discovered she was carrying Vic Jansen's child. She knew if she told him, he'd offer marriage. But she wanted more than just an honorable response from the man who once -- who still -- ignited her passion.

After he discovered the truth, nothing was keeping Vic from his child...or the woman who continued to haunt his dreams. But Claire's demand for an emotional union wasn't something he could allow. His heart was closed and not even Claire, and her undeniable beauty, would change his mind.

“Ah, hell, it broke.” The second the stunned words fell out of Vic Jansen’s mouth he wanted to recall them for something more composed. But what was the mannerly way to tell the naked woman straddling his lap that their birth control had suffered a catastrophic failure?

The beginning of the book pretty much said it all.  Vic Jansen is a divorcee who moved away from North Dakota to Charleston, South Carolina after a tragic accident.  He strikes a friendship with Claire McDermott, owner of the Beachcombers restaurant.  One night leads them to more than a friendship and three months later a pregnancy.  

The book has a very typical storyline, but it was written so well that you could not help but like the book.  I loved Vic and Claire as a couple and their chemistry.  They worked hard at their issues and building a relationship with each other not just for the baby but for themselves as well.  They both have a past and have their own reason for avoiding marriage and/or a long term relationship.  It is a sweet story seeing how Vic tries to convince Claire what they can have together, but sometimes I just felt Vic seems to be more invested in the relationship than Claire.  I loved how both Claire and Vic tried to get their issues sorted and if that wasn’t enough to keep you interested, there is a dab of mystery to make it a little more interesting.  Although, for harlequin sized novel, it seems to be a bit much and could have done without. 

Beachcomber Series
Book 1: Baby I’m Yours – Vic Jensen & Claire McDermott’s Story. 


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